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Information about how we handle cookies

This website saves cookies in your browser. Cookies are used to log certain functions on the website. ​


On July 1, 2011, we received a new law on cookies and we are obliged to inform you as a visitor how to block cookies from our website. If you want to know how to prevent the website from storing cookies in your browser, we refer to the instructions provided by Google.

A cookie is a text file stored on your computer that contains information. There are two types of cookies. One type saves a file permanently on your computer. The second type is called session cookies. This type of cookie is not permanently saved on the computer, but only as long as your browser is open. ​


Our website uses both types of cookies so that, for example, the statistics tool Google Analytics can follow visitors' navigation on the site. ​


More information about cookies can be found, among other things, on the Swedish Post and Telecommunications Authority's website, If you have questions about cookies on, you are welcome to contact us.

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